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“Dear Rhonda, It has been just over a week since you and Linda and Melissa (I think I am emembering her name right), completely redesigned our home. At first it was overwhelming, so much so, that I don't think we were able to fully appreciate what you had done. As the days go by we become more and more aware of the genius for design that the three of you have. And you did it in such a short time. We are so very grateful to you for everything from choosing
paint colors down to the placing of the smallest decorating item. We have invited several neighbors over to see the results in recent days and they all think it looks like a model home. Yesterday, while having my hair cut, I was enthusiastically telling my hairdresser about what you had done and it must have made quite an impression because he asked for your contact information. Fortunately, I had one of the business cards Linda left on Sunday in my purse and showed it to him. He took down the information and said he was going to pass it on to several customers and friends who also have their homes on the market. I sing your praises every chance I get so I hope it helps Design Doctors get loads of business.
With deep appreciation, F A I T H and P H I L too! Please see that Linda and Melissa get this thank you also.
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